New Year, New 2:17 Studios!

by M. Grosse, posted Jan. 1, 2020

Posted Jan. 1, 2020

The new website highlights our most powerful solutions for business.

Some years just feel more locked and loaded for change than others. If 2020 doesn't have that feel to it, then I don't know when else would. There are scientific innovations, social awakenings, and political elections coming on national and world stages. On the more personal level, we're rolling in to a whole new decade with our own plans, resolutions, hopes, and ambitions.

Our most powerful offering is an agile software chassis that speeds up project development.

For 2:17 Studios, August 2020 will also mark our 10th year in business. To celebrate this major milestone, we have completely redesigned our main website to better reflect our core offerings. Our capabilities have come a long way from when we started out as a boutique video production company in New Hampshire.

Several projects in development will be showcasing the abilities of our newest offering: In-house, we call it The WheelTree Framework. It can be thought of as an agile, modular software foundation that speeds up the entire project development lifecycle.

What this means for our clients

For anybody or any team facing a goal that can be achieved more effectively with a web-based tech assist, our framework can get you there faster. The modular nature of development allows for agile project launches with minimal customization required.

Whether you are a new venture looking to leverage tech advances or an existing business interested in digitizing operations, check out our new request a quote tool to get started.

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Techtrepreneur by day, fencer by night (sometimes vice versa). Michael Grosse founded 217 Studios in 2010 to develop a television show for broadcast TV in Boston. Since then, the lifelong student of media and web tech has gone on to stay ahead of changing client needs to learn and integrate advances in custom web application production.

Today, Grosse is well versed in the full-stack and devops practices needed to meet the evolving needs and opportunities found running a business in an increasingly tech-centric world. When he isn't coding, he can still be found coaching or fencing in Division 1 USA Fencing competitions around the country as a “B” rated epeeist, still working towards his "A" rating.