A Progressive Approach to Technology

"There's a difference between progress and technology." - Nikola Tesla

Innovation That Leads to Progress

First and foremost, our brand gets excited about creating shared value. We started as a small business and came to develop our core product framework out of the necessities of running budget optimized operations. Our goal in working with you is not to add technology for technology's sake. We aim to provide the tools that'll help you progress to where you want to be without getting in the way.

Our Core Values

At 217 Studios, we develop products and services with an aim to create what we call a "2:17 Moment" (hey, that's the name of our blog, too!). Athletes know it as “finding their stride” after months of training. Businesses know it as “pivoting” toward a core competency. Our solutions are technological aids to help companies and individuals find that same light, effortless efficiency in whatever their pursuits may be. Our goals in working with clients are to create:

  • Shared Value     
  • Intuitive Designs
  • Easy Adoptability
  • Wide Flexibility

What's In a Name?

217 Studios began as a simple idea: To be a place where opportunity meets potential.

The name "2:17" represents a time from company founder Michael Grosse's past...it was one of those rare memorable moments when a lot of behind-the-scenes hard work and dedication finally met the perfectly suited opportunity to shine. The name was chosen to represent the business because our goal is to provide tools and resources to let your work shine too.

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Working with 217 Studios

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