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iPlannedAhead.com, Version B.01

Cost: $15.00 per month until cancelled or end of evaluation period or contract term.

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Product Description

Completing this order will establish a recurring payment plan for a digital subscription key to access the following 217 Studios product:

iPlannedAhead.com, Version B.01 (Early Evaluation Period)

Features and Restrictions:

Messaging Limit
Current users are limited to 500 messages/month.
Increased Limits
Please contact us to expand your messaging limit.
Future Releases
Current users will automatically gain access to new feaures as they are released. Your feedback and usage statistics will help us determine increased allowances and expanded features.
Billing Summary

Cost: $15.00 USD

Frequency: Monthly*

*Charges to be processed monthly until cancelled by customer via email or end of evaluation period or contract term.

Digital access is granted in the form of a license key used to activate an online account. This will allow a single user to access the application's password-protected area for use in accordance with the product's Evaluation License Agreement (ELA) and Terms of Service (TOS).

  • The first payment installment will be processed upon submission of credit card details and continues at an interval of one month until cancelled via email or the evaluation period expires or contract term ends.
  • Cancellation requests must be submitted by email to the address below.
  • The iPlannedAhead App is accessed via it's own website: iPlannedAhead.com

Terms / legal restrictions: Void where prohibited.

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