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217 Studios - Durham, NH

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Who is 217 Studios?
217 Studios is a network of multimedia & creative professionals working under the management of Creative & Technical Director Michael Grosse.
What is 217 Studios?
217 Studios is a boutique-style application, web, and video development & production company. 'Boutique' is just our way of saying we're small enough to provide personalized service to our clients.
Where is 217 Studios?
Our home office is in beautiful Durham, New Hampshire. We are conveniently located within walking distance to the Downeaster Amtrak station, whose trains serve from Boston to Portland. Our clients come from all over New England and beyond.
When was 217 Studios founded?
August 2010.
Why 217 Studios?
There are a lot of development companies on the map, 217 Studios strives to stand out as a destination for those who are looking for people with a shared enthusiasm for their work.

Big agency results without the big agency pricetag
We love working with small businesses because we are a small business. We understand the importance of capturing your unique message and presenting it consistently and memorably, and we're always learning and integrating new technologies to best fit your needs.

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