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217 Studios - Durham, NH

217 Studios simplified

Who is 217 Studios?
217 Studios is a network of multimedia & creative professionals working under the management of Creative & Technical Director Michael Grosse.
What is 217 Studios?
217 Studios is a boutique-style application, web, and video development & production company. 'Boutique' is just our way of saying we're small enough to provide personalized service to our clients.
Where is 217 Studios?
Our home base is in New Hampshire, but we often find ourselves working from the road. Most often out of coworking spaces in Orlando.
When was 217 Studios founded?
August 2010.
Why 217 Studios?
217 Studios specializes in goal-oriented tech solutions for small businesses.

Our signature application framework--known in house as 'Wheeltree'--has been streamlining business operations for companies since it's humble launch over five years ago. Back then, it started as a handy set of easy-to-use web-based tools.

The original time-tested set of features has since been refined and expanded as our customers have grown, and we're always learning and integrating new features and technology.

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